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Vision & Mission



Spirituality at young age is inculcated here with special slogam chanting taught by experienced priests of the temple to the students. Value educationto the students is given a priority. Yoga , Pranayamam and Muthras are practised every day morning for all students .

 The school fees is subsidized for economically poor background students to study in our school. Nearly 50 % of the students get a scholarship from the school based on their academic achievement , family status, sports achievements etc. 

Infrastructure of our school supports the effective development of body and mind. The technology provided here ensures successful learning for the students. The scholastic and non-scholastic training given by the expert faculty ensures all-round development of the child, gives them confidence and cultivates leadership qualities to face the world.


  • To provide high quality primary and secondary education to rural children.

  • To empower the village children to compete with their peers at both national and international levels.

  • To provide academic knowledge that goes hand in hand with wisdom and love, emphasizing spirituality as an important part in the development and future of the students.

  • To create courageous sincere citizens and future leader to serve the community.

  • To import spirituality at the young age so that the student will serve with righteousness and integrity.

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