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Middle & High School


Middle School

The middle years of schooling or the transition time is the most challenging time for learners as they move from childhood to adolescence. During this period, teachers at Sri Narayani Vidyalaya extend the academic teaching by helping students to develop critical thinking, solve ‘real-life’ Problems, develop knowledge of local and global issues, communicate ideas, engage in public debate and express creativity through action.


Through this process, students develop a certain independence and maturity, learn to manage time and multiple expectations and become aware and confident of their academic and personal development. To provide several value added programmes along with regular courses, the school has tie-ups with reputed knowledge partners.

Syllabus and Curriculum

English, Tamil, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry Botany & Zoology), 


Computer Science, Social Studies (History, Civics, Geography & Economics)


Drawing & Painting, General Knowledge, Craft, Dance & Music, Value Education, Life Skills and Physical Education.

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High School

The curriculum has been designed to prepare the children for more rigorous academic requirements for high school. All the subjects are taught by the subject specialist teachers who work with students to develop thorough understanding of the topics introduced in middle school.

Syllabus and Curriculum
(IX & X)

English, Tamil, Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Botany. Zoology),


Social Studies (History, Civics, Geography & Economics) General Knowledge, Computer Science,


Formal and Functional Grammar, Value Education, Life Skills and Physical Education.

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