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Higher Secondary School

Higher secondary education refers to the stage of education that follows secondary or high school education and serves as a bridge between secondary school and higher education or the workforce.

Curriculum and Subject Specialization: Higher secondary education provides students with the opportunity to specialize in specific subjects or fields of study. Students typically choose a combination of subjects that align with their interests, career aspirations, and future educational goals. The curriculum often includes core subjects based on the interests and career choices.

Common streams include science, commerce, arts, and vocational education. Science stream focuses on subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics; commerce stream focuses on subjects like accounting, economics, business studies, and entrepreneurship; training in specific fields such as information technology, engineering, healthcare, hospitality, or business.

Examination and Assessment: Higher secondary education often concludes with standardized state or regional examinations, such as board exams These assessments evaluate students knowledge, understanding, and skills in the chosen subjects and play a significant role in determining eligibility for higher education institutions or future career opportunities.

Higher secondary education plays a crucial role in preparing students for further education, careers, and adulthood. It equips them with the necessary academic knowledge, skills, and personal development to pursue higher education, enter the workforce, or embark on entrepreneurial endeavors.

Higher Secondary School

The curriculum followed in the senior classes is innovative and experimental. The aim is to give the learner a sound foundation in conceptual knowledge and in skills of application, analysis and higher order thinking.


The shift from a theme – based approach to a more specialized and focused understanding of concepts in varied disciplines helps students gain insights into their areas of interest. Teachers and students continue to be partners in the learning focus on their higher education to choose their professional career.


Syllabus and Curriculum
(XI & XII)

Tamil, English

  • Group I: (Bio- Math):- Tamil, English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Biology.

  • Group II: (Pure Science):- Tamil, English, Physics, Chemistry, Botany & Zoology.

  • Group III: (Comp. Science):- Tamil, English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Computer Science.

  • Group IV: (Commerce) :- Tamil, English, Commerce, Economics, Accountancy & Computer Application.

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