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Robotics & AI


Robotics: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Lab

On-campus year-long programs in Robotics, AI, ML, 3D printing, IoT and Industrial Automation. Our online courses are internationally certified by the National Computing Centre (NCC), UK thus ensuring global standards of education through guided learning combined structure of both self paced learning and live sessions.

Partnered with Chennai based DIYA (Do It Yourself Academy)

The Uniqueness of DIYA’s Co-curricular On-Campus School Program:

  • Provision of Classroom to create Centre of Robotics Excellence (CoRE) on campus

  • Students learn one domain of Robotics every year

  • 70% Practical and 30% Theory-based student-centric hands-on learning

  • Exposure of 8 Robotic domains helps the student to idealize their career path and pursue their passion

  • Get Full time Professional Technology Expert

  • Year-end expo for parents to look at projects built by children, adding value and satisfaction

  • Robotic Kits are designed and manufactured by DIYA


International Partnerships

International partnerships with educators and companies in Australia, Singapore, US and the UK
On-campus faculty and Problem Based Learning (PBL) methodology to ensure a holistic learning experience
An Adaptive Skill Assessment Test (ASAT), to help identify student’s depth of learning and concept application by solving problems through technology.

Personalized Courses for Kids

We offer self-paced online coding classes for kids customized to a child’s learning style.
The training methodology includes interactive sessions and detailed videos. Solo & group training programs are also offered.



1. Animation Design & Robot Simulation
2. Animation & Artificial Intelligence
3. Electro-Tinkerer
4. Budding Animator

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