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Kindergarten & Primary School



Each child’s learning interest needs and abilities are taken care of. We provide a diversified learning environment that gives sufficient learning opportunities which facilitate children to develop their multiple intelligences. The holistic development of children can be fostered by means of play, meaningful life experiences as well as sensory, exploratory and other interesting activities.

There are four groups of activities:

  • Self Care – Dressing activities such as Buttoning, Bow-tying & Lacing etc.

  • Development of Social Relations – Greeting, Serving, Accepting, Thanking etc.

  • Caring for the environment – Cleaning, Gardening, Sweeping, Polishing etc.,

  • Movement Balancing – Walking on a line etc.

Syllabus and Curriculum (LKG & UKG)

Sensory activities, Phonic Drill, Play way method of teaching, Tamil, Hindi,


Soft skills, Creative work, Alphabet and Numbers,


Singing & Dance, Coloring, Storytelling, Nature talk, Health talk, Arts & Craft, Games and conversation.


Primary School

Pre – Primary education is an important stage which lays the foundation for the life-long learning and whole person development. It also serves as the starting point of formal education, which is child centered.

 Syllabus and Curriculum
(I - V)

English, Tamil, Mathematics, EVS/Social Studies, General Science, Computer Science,


Drawing, General Knowledge, Craft, Dance & Music,


Value Education, Life Skills and Physical Education.

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