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Dr. Suresh Babu

The School is headed by Dr. M. Suresh Babu, Director of Sripuram, Trustee & Correspondent of Sri Narayani Schools. Dr. Suresh Babu sets out to create a productive learning environment that strives for excellence.


He is passionate about changing children's lives, committed to instilling Indian ethical values, and is an ardent advocate of Indian culture.

Director's Message

Om Namo Narayani!

Dear Children and Parents,

Education is a broad concept that is interpreted differently by each individual. Some claim that education is all about doing well in school, while others assert that it is a process of methodically learning life lessons. Our surroundings, etc. My concept of education is how you return the knowledge you have gained in the classroom to society. For me, education is about how one responds to difficult situations in life and makes positive decisions.


Learning never stops. You can continue to learn throughout your life about many topics that will help to make your life lovely. No matter what line of business you choose, the ultimate goal is to spread happiness and optimism. The adoption of digitization has now become the new norm in this pandemic circumstance. Without a question, digital technology aids in kids' education, but there are also possible risks associated with it. Increased distractions have caused students to miss out on the great satisfaction of discovering an answer in a library book, having a quick conversation with friends before a test, and other activities.


The great concept of what school is, how it feels to connect with a teacher, or how it feels to play on the playground is being lost to kindergarten students. A child's bond with their teacher has the power to transform their life. However, pupils need to be aware that lecturers are also adopting traditional teaching techniques on digital platforms. Although having fun while learning is not required, the rewards of persistence and diligence will be greater.

At Sri Narayani Schools, we place a high value on morality and ethics since they help the kid develop good discipline. In addition, we anticipate that parents will watch their kids carefully while they use online learning resources. We impart knowledge to the kids by connecting it to real-world instances that will significantly influence how they think and behave in the future. We demonstrate to them the benefits of having nice, intelligent, and wise people in the world by including moral science courses in the curriculum.

Let the years spent in school help the kids become the kind of people who are valued by their families, do good work for society through their professions, and are responsible citizens.

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